Day Two – Terry Saga

John Terry

John Terry arriving at Wembley Stadium today.

By Ethan

Chelsea and ex England Captain John Terry has again arrived at Wembley Stadium for the second day of his FA disciplinary hearing.

Terry will be seen by an independent panel at the home of football to answer allegations that he racially abused QPR defender Anton Ferdinand during a Barclay’s Premier League game between the two players sides at Loftus Road last October.

Monday saw Ferdinand give his account of what happened in his eyes to the panel; this evidence was listened to by Terry who attended yesterday to hear what allegations were continued to be made about him.

The hearing is thought to last the entirety of the week. By the end of the week we should know the fate of John Terry; whether he is to be found guilty in the eyes of the FA and given a lengthy ban, or if he is cleared for the second time and can walk away with his name in the clear yet not untarnished.

Terry; who sensationally announced his retirement from International football the day before the hearing begun, was found not guilty in July when he faced the same allegations in a criminal court of law. During that case he insisted that he was merely repeating the words he thought Ferdinand had accused him of saying.

The Terry saga continues…

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