City crash out of the cup

A sodden Roberto Mancini

A sodden Roberton Mancini looking on yesterday.

Roberto Mancini’s Champions last night dropped out of the newly named Capital One Cup, that makes it 4 games without a win for the boys from the Etihad.

At this early stage of the season this shouldn’t worry too many fans as one of these games was a nail biter at the Santiago Bernabéu: home of Real Madrid.

They are also only 4 points off leaders Chelsea in the league in what will be a very long season – just ask Liverpool who are yet to win but taking their current position with a pinch of salt (although how long for is yet to be seen).

Despite large crowds at many of the games this week (28’015 at the Etihad, 32’569 at Stamford Bridge, 21’164 at Elland Road) there is a consensus that fans are happy to win their games in the cup; yet are equally happy to go out early so they can concentrate on the league.

There will no doubt be those that would prefer to have a cup run, be it the big teams to bring in the young blood, lower league fans wanting a big away fixture or even get to Wembley, or perhaps a club in trouble that needs the extra gate receipts.

However Manchester City will not be concerned with not being in the Capital One cup, they may however be concerned with the way they twice took the lead at home and still lost, but will no doubt be relieved it was in this 4th priority competition and not in the league.


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