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Wimbledon Old v New – Original WFC fan POV

Prior to the FA Cup tie between MK Dons & their successor team in South London AFC Wimbledon, we caught up with one of the original Wimbledon fans.

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Wimbledon Old v New – MK Dons POV

SweetFA caught up with MK Dons fan Nick Atherton prior to the historic FA Cup 2nd round game this Sunday.

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Wimbledon Old v New – Background

Mihir Bose interviewed MK Dons owner Pete Winkelman for the Evening Standard this week, in preparation for the historic FA Cup tie of the two clubs to be created following the demise of south London Club Wimbledon FC. To be honest, the interview hasn’t changed my mind about whether I think moving to MK was the right thing to do or not, but it has enlightened me to some of the facts and both sides of the story.

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Selecting the Ballon d’Or

Criteria for selecting the best players the world

World goal scoring record holder Lionel Messi

In choosing the next Ballon d’Or FIFA select a committee to vote, seemingly without giving these trusted few any direction on what they must judge a player on.

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TattooedFootball Boss Talks Yoda, SSN Girl & Fuckwitery

Luke is the Chief Editor of @false10, Editor in Chief and co-founder of @_tattooedfball and writer for @7cantonas. He also gave a young writer called Darren at SweetFA his first chance to write about football for the public domain, which went on to become 5 articles that were published on TattooedFootball in 2012.


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Ian Stone Talks Arsenal, Luiz’s Defending & Ian Wright

Ian Stone is a stand up comedian, radio presenter, TV comedy show panelist, columnist, comedy writer and most importantly, a Gooner.


Hi Ian, thanks for the interview. First of all, why the nickname ‘The Company Man’?

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Girls don’t like football

The Biggest Turnoff – Men that love football more than they love me!


When I come home after a long week at work the last thing I want to do is sit there on a Saturday morning and watch Sky Sports News…watching lots of scores coming up on the screen and getting excited when “your team” scores….is it your team? Do you play for them…no?

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Why do I hate Rafa but still love Roman?

A Chelsea Fan Articulates His Anguish.

First and foremost, Thank You Robbie. Chelsea Legend as a Player and as a Manager. Forever.


Now, I dislike Rafa for what he’s said about Chelsea fans being emotionless and having no passion. Also for saying Lampard is overrated and Chelsea having no class. Yes he was Liverpools manager at the time and he was endearing himself to scousers, but I’ve never heard Moyes say these things. He has class.

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Lloyd Griffith Talks Mariners, Singing and Comedy

Lloyd is an up and coming comedian that started in 2009 but has already been selected for prestigious Edinburgh Shows, performed at sell out AAA Stand-Up in the Pleasance Courtyard and now regularly performs at the UK’s biggest comedy clubs. Not content with this, he also is an incredible professional signer performing with choirs at Westminster Abbey & Windsor. This is enough to make anyone a little smug, but Lloyd keeps his feet firmly on the ground, and strongly supports his local team Grimsby Town.

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The Three Stages of AVB’s Crouch

The Three Stages of AVBs Crouch at Chelsea – By a CFC fan.
This article was first published on in the Summer of 2012 (check out their relaunch 12/12/12).

Now everyone knows the story of AVB’s 8 months at Chelsea.

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