Title Race – Chelsea Fans View

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How do you feel your manager has performed this season?
Robbie was the obvious choice to get the job and I couldn’t have been happier. He’s a legend from his playing days as well as the miracles he pulled off last year. Despite this I still wasn’t convinced he was the man to win us the league. However the signings and formation he’s had since August is very different to how he had to set us up last year and it’s paying off so far. He seems to know when to make the right substitutions and I’ve agreed with everything he’s done to date.


Are you playing the right formation?
With the new players and the way we’ve played with the Makélelé role for years, I think it’s the best system we could have. I’d prefer Ashley to get down the wing more as Branna does, but all in all its good. We seem to have a stronger plan B this season and the ability to attack from any angle/ method, with the stats on our goal tally in 2012 evidence of this (third club in Europe to score 100 goals after Real Madrid & Barcelona).

Is the Premier League the priority this term?
The League and the Champions League both are. We have to make sure we qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League first and go from there. The final being at Wembley is massive for us – we love Wembley. But we want our title back – top teams have to go for both.

How do you rate your summer signings?
Along with Mata and Ramires last year, this summer has been one of the best transfer windows we’ve had in years. Oscar and Hazard have linked with Mata amazingly. The trio are reminding us of Franco.


Marin & Moses have shown what they can do in the small amount of game time they’ve had already. Moses seems explosive and both are a great fit within Chelsea. Cahill in January is also just as important as any of these.

How do you rate the strength of your title-rivals?
United will always be there and their youngsters that lost to Chelsea in the League Cup this week looked impressive. RvP has to be the best buy they’ve made in years and I see them as favourites. City haven’t had a big, big game yet so are picking up the points quietly, I think their biggest test will be when they come to the Bridge and how they cope with Christmas, which has been our downfall over so many years. It’s between us 3 for the title.


Are you satisfied with your big game performances?
The United game in the league was a one off and could’ve gone either way. Yes the referee had a big impact and I don’t think Torres should’ve gone, but we weren’t tight enough at the back or decisive enough up front. The only other so called big games so far have been away against the North London teams, our first London derbies as Champions of Europe; they went pretty much perfectly and showed anyone can score in our team.

Where might it all fall apart?
Defence. JT seems to have been missed more than I expected for his presence and organisation, we need to sort out the stability of the back four when he’s not around. We are leeking goals but not at a concerning rate just yet, mainly thanks to Big Petr in goal. We also need to tie Ashley down to another season at least. I probably have to concede we need a striker in January, despite our midfield dynamos.

Where will you finish (one word)?

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