QPR, new signings, formation & stomach


Prior to a massive 6 pointer this weekend with Southampton, we caught up with seasoned Hoops fan Gary for his view on how it’s gone so far.

How do you feel “Sparky” has performed this season?
Despite the complaints from fans, I am not sure he could have done much more than he has. Injuries have affected us in the early part of the season & some players haven’t performed as they should.

Are you playing the right formation?
While we can’t find a front two that combine well enough, then yes I suppose the 4-2-3-1 is about right. Formations change during games & match by match, I don’t think they really matter too much.

Can we assume staying up is the priority this season?
With the start we have had YES! It’s a shame as we could and should have been in a better position. We are well overdue a Cup run so that might bring some feel good factor to the club and fans.

How do you rate your summer signings?
At the moment some of them look highly overrated and you have to wonder why other clubs didn’t come in for them. There’s been some good perfromances from Boswinga, Nelson, Hoilett & Granero but need more. Jury is still out on Fabio and Mbia. Gutted to lose Andy Johnson to injury. Expect JS Park to come good. Cesar would get into most teams in the league.


How do you rate the strength of your rivals around you in the league?
Luckily, if we are in a relegation battle, then I think we will have more than the teams around us to survive. Last year’s experience may help.

Are you satisfied with your big game performances?
Big games against the top sides are never our problem. Good performances against Chelsea, Spurs & Arsenal but no enough points to show it. We need to win our games against the teams around us & mid table.

Where might it fall apart?
Some of the big name reputations at the club not having the stomach for the fight. This is not what they would have been expecting or been used to.

Where will you finish? (One word)

You can follow Gary on Twitter @Woodsey11

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One response to “QPR, new signings, formation & stomach

  1. Biggest load of rubbish iv ever heard!!

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