Girls don’t like football

The Biggest Turnoff – Men that love football more than they love me!


When I come home after a long week at work the last thing I want to do is sit there on a Saturday morning and watch Sky Sports News…watching lots of scores coming up on the screen and getting excited when “your team” scores….is it your team? Do you play for them…no?

Do you know anyone that plays for them….no? Do you live near it and want to therefore have a community spirit?….no. You just woke up one day and decided that today “Chelsea” was going to be your team and every Saturday….you will sit in front of the TV to check if “your team” wins…why???!!! The majority of men don’t even a) watch them play live b) know how to play football and in the end c) will ruin their entire relationship!!!

It must be a key fact that women who are with men that are obsessed with football…cheat!! And to be quite honest I don’t blame them. If I was with someone that loved and was more obsessed with football more than spending time with me….I would feel inadequate…unloved and quite frankly very resentful! So when you are sitting there, getting more excited about men running round a pitch then your girlfriend standing in front of the TV half naked…clearly trying to get your attention…do you really blame them if they look else where? I sure as hell wouldn’t!!


However, in these circumstances…the less pure evil women may decide “if you cant beat them…join them!”…its either moan about football for the rest of your life or decide to actually try and find some interest in it and have a common bond with your partner. Would men do this the other way round? NO… would they decide to take an interest in shoes or makeup….I think not? So why do women feel compelled to show and interest in football when clearly they would rather not spend their weekends doing it as they never did when they were single!! And does it make them love you more because you “love” football aswell and support “their” team…it actually probably does but then that is just sad in itself! [See here for our view on female football fans]

In my later life…when picking men I found that my main criteria was to find a man that had no interest in football and actually knew as much about football as I did…no he is not gay!! However…yes it has been a godsend as we don’t spend a Saturday starring at the tv screen watching the results come up ….BUT….he is unfortunately a petrol head that spends his evenings searching expensive cars that he cant afford and watching American Chopper!…maybe one day I will accept that football wasn’t so bad!!


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2 responses to “Girls don’t like football

  1. Lol, really? You actually write this sort of crap on a regular basis?
    Damn. Any woman that demands that kind of attention isn’t worth the attention anyway. For those 2 hours a man gets to himself why not use those hours to have a woman’s free time. Or better themselves so they don’t have to demand attention.

    Get back in the kitchen

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