Ian Stone Talks Arsenal, Luiz’s Defending & Ian Wright

Ian Stone is a stand up comedian, radio presenter, TV comedy show panelist, columnist, comedy writer and most importantly, a Gooner.


Hi Ian, thanks for the interview. First of all, why the nickname ‘The Company Man’?

I write a monthly column for the Arsenal magazine. Obviously the other boys on the Tuesday Club podcast feel I’ve sold my soul now that I’m working for “the Man”. In fact, I’m working as a double agent for the Tuesday Club. Although this may not be true.

How are the gigs going, you’re fixture list is massive! (See Here)

The gigs are going fine. I talk shit. People laugh. It’s a relationship that works for all concerned

Favourite gag of the show?

Any gags I write down will just look ordinary on the page. Best for people to take my word for it that I’m funny and come along and check out the gags for themselves

How did you start on the Tuesday club?

Alan Davies got a call from these guys who wanted to do an Arsenal podcast. We sit together so he asked me if I wanted to do it as well. I said yes.

What’s it like doing? Is it easier than stand up?

It’s tremendous fun. It’s different from stand-up

Did you ever do the warm up on Mock the Week, like some that went onto be on the show have done? I’d imagine that easier than being on the show itself, seeing that you can say what you want and not have to sit around for hours?

I never was the warm up on Mock The Week. I did the show a few times although if you blinked, you might have missed my contribution.
I’ve only ever done three TV warm ups. It’s not what you’d call rewarding work

As a man with so many strings to your bows, you interviewed one of your greatest ever strikers, Ian Wright, during the Euro’s, what was that like? Is he a mate now?

It wasn’t an interview with Ian Wright as such, I do a show with him every week on Absolute Radio and we did one every day through the Euros. We get on very well.


What’s the best interview you’ve done, either as interviewer or interviewee?,

I once interviewed Terry Hall of The Specials and we got on very well

Twitter is clearly massive now and a great way for new sites like ours to get our name out there. But footballers seem to have trouble with it, are they vilified for stupid things that we wouldn’t think twice about tweeting, or is it right they should be more well behaved?

What footballers need to realise is that the reason they’re doing something physical is because they concentrated on that side of their personality, often to the detriment of their mental abilities. It’s just something for them to bear in mind next time they’re tweeting

Do you think Spurs should stop singing “Yid Army”?

I just think they should stop singing. Anything. What have they got to sing about?

Favourite Arsenal song, past or present?

Vieira. He comes from Senegal, he plays for Arsenal. I used to sing it gently to my boys to send them to sleep

What has happened to all the promising youth teams of the past 7/8 years, they were going to rule the world at so many points?

Four words. “Sheikh Mansour” and “Roman Abramovich”. They’ve shifted the goalposts

What’s the best thing about Arsenal in 2012?

Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshire


What the most frustrating thing?

Lack of atmosphere although lately, things have improved

Who in Arsenal’s history would you love to drop into today’s team?

Liam Brady, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry. Probably others as well

Who’s the pick of the next crop to be coming out of Arsenal?

Serge Gnabry looks promising

How do you feel Arsene has done this season?

Bit in and out. Beating Spurs 5-2 was ok though

Are you playing the right formation now?

Not for me to say. Everyone has an opinion but who cares what I think about our formation

What is the priority this season?

A trophy would be nice

How do you rate your summer signings?

Like Giroud more with each game. Podolski too. Cazorla is a genius

How much are you going to miss the summer departures?

RVP? He’s dead to me.

How do you rate your closest rivals for the Title/ Champions League spot?

Everyone’s a bit fragile. We’re just slightly more so. Enjoying watching Chelsea if I’m honest. Less machine like and when David Luiz is defending, there’s always a chance of a massive balls up

Are you satisfied with your big game performances?


Where might it fall apart?

With this team, anywhere

Where will you finish? (one word)

Above Tottenham

Thanks very much Ian and all the best for the rest of the season.

Visit the website www.ianstonecomedian.co.uk for gig details. Ian is at the Comedy Store in London’s glittering West End tonight (Friday 23rd November).
He is on Absolute Radio every Saturday with Ian Wright from 5-7 although this week, he’s in South Africa so Ian is presenting the show with Transfer Deadline Day’s Jim White from Sky Sports News.

The ever busy Ian is then back on Fighting Talk on Radio 5Live on 8th Dec at 11am.

Also, Watch out for his documentary for Radio 4 called Football’s Home Fans. It’s going out at 10-30 in the morning on Sat 1st December.


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