Wimbledon Old v New – Original WFC fan POV

Prior to the FA Cup tie between MK Dons & their successor team in South London AFC Wimbledon, we caught up with one of the original Wimbledon fans.

Thanks for answering these questions Martin. First of all, before 2002, who did you support?

Wimbledon FC

And now?

Ever since Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes no one, however I still look out for both MK and AFC Wimbledon’s results.

We assume that’s due to the move to Milton Keynes. For those that were too young at the time, roughly what happened? Who was responsible for moving the club 56 miles up the M1?

The Chairman and the board had been looking to move Wimbledon out of London years before they decided on MK, there were talks on moving the club to Ireland at one stage.

What were your feelings towards the move at the time?

Absolutely gutted like every Wimbledon fan, Wimbledon was a club that achieved things that will never be repeated again. Wimbledon FC died the day the club moved.


How many fellow fans do you know/ heard of that followed them to MK, compared to the amount you know to have stuck with AFC Wimbledon, by the time they formed a couple of years later?

The majority stuck with AFC, I didn’t know anyone personally that stuck with Milton Keynes.

Do you think MK Dons will drop the “Dons” from their name? Should they? Even if just for this tie?

I believe they will at some point, the Dons were Wimbledon.


What were your thoughts when you first heard about this potential clash?

It seems an eternity since the club moved from their roots and AFC were formed and it was actually less than ten years ago. Back then it was a tie that every Wimbledon fan would have dreamed of but I think both clubs have moved on and Wimbledon fans do not want to associate MK Dons with Wimbledon.

Who do you want to win?

AFC, this is there chance to shove their two fingers up at the chairman and the people who moved their club, and shows that if you have the heart and dedication you can achieve miracles.

What is the view do you think of the MK Dons fans that did blindly follow the club to Milton Keynes, as well as the new fans they’ve picked up since? Humble? Arrogant?

I have absolutely nothing against the the old fans, at the end of the day it was their team, the players remained the same so I understand the reasons why they made that choice. I could not comment on the new fans as I am yet to meet one.

What are AFC’s chances?

It’s the FA Cup so they will be pumped up like never before, it will be their FA Cup final so anything is possible. On paper MK should win especially given their form over recent weeks but like I said its the FA Cup.


What’s the future of AFC Wimbledon?

I sadly don’t think that AFC will emulate what Wimbledon FC achieved, there is too much money now in football and the gulf between the Premiership and even the Championship is becoming to great. When would a team who had a fan base of less than 10,000 fans be able to survive for 15 years in the premiership the answer is never, that said AFC have completed a miracle in the short time that they have been in existence.


Thanks very much and enjoy the game!

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