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Alternative Queen Speech [warning…may be rude]

And now TheSweetFA bring you the real Queen of England, post Christmas dinner and all those, Oh so many gins.

Good afternoon, I am your queen. No I’m not David Walliams, I’m a real one.

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Leeds v Chelsea : The Magic of the Cup!!


Thanks for answering these questions Cross. First of all, how did Cross:Magic RoadTrip go and what have you got planned for 2013?

Cross:Magic RoadTrip was a huge success. The idea was to create a magic show with a difference.
The whole series was created and filmed with no budget whatsoever. But in the first few weeks of filming, word spread and we managed to secure performances to celebrities left right and centre.

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Watford, Zola & Promotion

Hi Ollie. What’s the latest with Vicarage Road? How is the rebuilding going?

At the moment the club are close to confirming the contract for the development of the South-West corner, work on the development started almost five years ago but the Hornets lacked funds and it remains unfinished. However work for this will hopefully start in January and be ready for around June. This will include changing rooms and two new hospitality developments as well.

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QPR Review so far

Matt, thanks for answering some questions for us, I know this has been a tough season so far. Who did you want to replace Hughes? Harry?

Don’t think this is a question in itself really as who else was out there? Personally I don’t think he’s the man for the job and as deluded as it sounds I would have stuck with Hughes until at least January, I think he would have pulled it around.

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