QPR Review so far

Matt, thanks for answering some questions for us, I know this has been a tough season so far. Who did you want to replace Hughes? Harry?

Don’t think this is a question in itself really as who else was out there? Personally I don’t think he’s the man for the job and as deluded as it sounds I would have stuck with Hughes until at least January, I think he would have pulled it around.


What do they need to do to get that first elusive win?

Defence, simple! Can’t keep defending like a Sunday League pub team and not expect to leak goals. If you look back over the season so far at least 60% of goals conceeded shouldn’t have been and by this I’m not talking about luck, I mean just fundementals. The other thing would be to cancel Ferdinand’s contract, just awful!

Do you think it’s time the board gave the new manager more funds in January, as opposed to getting free players let go by their previous clubs?

This could put us back to square one either way! The big problem Hughes had was what was his best team, bringing in so many new faces certainly didn’t help us. Maybe enough for 1 or 2 signings, but then you need to ask, in the bottom 3 at Christmas, who apart from mercenaries will come? This is a controversial one but the one signing I would like to see and feel would make the difference would be Barton back at Loftus Road! Would be like a new signing for us and attitude and comments aside, he is a class player with pride and passion!


What do you think of those signings that have come in during the summer?

Think it’s too early to judge fully, a few have been unlucky with injuries and I honestly feel others haven’t settled due to the chopping and changing. Granero has been class, but may leave in January, the rest have been OK.

Is this just a case of the tricky second album? Teams always seem to struggle more in the second season back in the Prem?

Crikey the first season was hard enough!! If this one is harder, we’re down!

What do you think are the strengths of the other teams around you in the league?

I think its quite well balanced actually, but their main strengths are the points they have already, with most half way to survival! [Last season 37 points were enough to stay up] Many have also had the luxury of very few injuries, so the squads haven’t as yet been tested.

Have there been any positives to take from this season so far?

Very much so. I think the midfield are looking like a unit, with some fantastic players, Tarrabt is in form, Holliett is looking like a Premier League player and Grannero is class.


What are your expectations for the rest of the season, and do you think you’ll achieve them?

Expectations have changed, at the begining of the season it was mid-table to top 10, but in all seriousness expectation is now survival and to get past the 3rd round of the FA Cup for the first time since 1920!

Where will you finish? (one word)

Thanks very much Matt. Good luck for the rest of the season.


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