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Chelsea do listen, but will they act?

So it seems Chelsea are listening, but will they act, and if so when and how?


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Quote Unquote

All the quotes in football you’ll ever need. This will be updated frequently.

“How was I supposed to get excited about the oppression of females if they couldn’t be trusted to stay upright during the final minutes of a desperately close promotion campaign?”

“Whoever invented football should be worshipped as God” – Hugo Sanchez Marquez

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Joey Barton hero or villain?

First of all I love footballers that wear their heart on their sleeve and I agree with 95% of this article (press here to view).
The Premier League does need its characters or it’ll turn into the Bundesliga. Where would Cricket be without Freddie or KP? However, for the first time I feel a need to put up my counter argument against this article, by a writer I admire & who gave me my first break in writing about our beloved sport. I felt the need to write this as a tweet in response wasn’t enough, and I don’t like posting long winded comments, especially when I’ve got my own platform at Sweet FA!

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Spurs Review

How do you feel AVB has performed this season?
He’s done a good job picking up from Harry and has made the team play with his style without making sweeping changes to personnel or formation.

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