Spurs Review

How do you feel AVB has performed this season?
He’s done a good job picking up from Harry and has made the team play with his style without making sweeping changes to personnel or formation.

Are you playing the right formation?
With the Spurs predilection to shipping goals and with Ledley King previously the only top quality centre back (and having lost yards of pace) I was really concerned with the ‘high line’ AVB prefers. They’ve still leaked goals but there are signs that it’s working and the team has definitely bought into it (which is half the battle)

What is your priority and minimum expectations this season?
Priority is Champions League. Expectations are top 5 and a good showing (QF minimum) in the FA Cup.

How do you rate the strength of your rivals around you in the league?
The Manchester teams and Chelsea are by far the strongest which places Everton and Arsenal as the nearest rivals. Both have shown frailties and it’ll be the team that shows concentration for 90 mins every game that will get the 4th Champions League spot. At present, Everton are showing the greatest resilience as well as consistency and therefore concern me most.

How do you rate your summer signings?
Not a big fan of Adebayour I’m afraid and would prefer another winter signing upfront. The Fulham boys, Dempsey and Dembele have been superb and Sigurdsson has been efficient. Have the obvious need creativity alongside the steal in midfield to give Spurs the ability to win tight games.


Are you satisfied with your big game performances?
So so. Man Utd was a great win for us but we have led against all the other top 6 teams in the head to heads yet failed to win any of the others – disappointing really.

Where might it fall apart?
The inability to convert tight games into wins and, of course, not being able to hold onto an advantage.

Where will you finish? (One word)

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