We don’t like ESPN

Since the start on the Premier League Sky Sports have pretty much led the way in live football in every aspect.

Pundits, technology, camera angles and even making sure replays aren’t shown over too much live action, (an ITV favourite when its not car ads over the top of Everton goals vs Liverpool) they have pretty much nailed it and seem to improve and innovate all the time.
Yes they’ve had some shocking people on there but it was them remember to introduce the fan commentary, which i hope you agree was worse than just turning
Andy Grey down a bit.

Now ESPN are getting more and more live games it’s even clearer how easy it is to mess up live football, if Channel 5 didn’t tell us enough.
Are ESPN the new C5? I think that might be too far, but as I haven’t got it I have to base my opinion from others feedback, and its all bad so far.

The BBC however are simply for nostalgia surely? With Lineker the face and ears of the ever popular Match of the Day they know how to keep tradition at its cheesiest, and it works in the main.

And now i get to my point. Here I’d like as many comments likes Dan’s (of Bruce Buck email fame) below to the TV companies as possible, stating your grievance and issues with their coverage, and any ideas to improve you may have.

You coverage is distinctly average
Your pundits are cunts

Kind regards


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