Sparta Prague v Chelsea



My girlfriend Katie Bear & I went on a romantic 4 day trip to Prague for Valentines day 2013. I can assure you that Katie was fully aware (at least by midday on matchday) that in the evening of the 14th, we would be at a freezing Generali Stadium as opposed to a nice evening meal overlooking the castle.


Here are some of their pictures from the trip.


Wenceslas Square


Charles Bridge



No, we didn’t eat here



Old Town Square at night

My first European game with Chelsea, like a lot of my generation, wasn’t until we played Viktoria Zizkov in the Cup Winners Cup in 1994. We won the home tie 4.2 after an early goal when Furlong deflected a keeper clearance in with his back side from the edge of the Matthew Harding end penalty box. I saw that first goal from the steps in the middle of the East Upper, after my dad bribed a steward to let us in as we kicked off.
So, while in Prague for the first time, I just had to visit their ground in dads memory.
We didn’t actually play the away leg here as it didn’t meet UEFA regulations. I could see why.


Game time


Sparta Graffiti half way up the million steps


Out of the woods & towards the ground



No mate, I’m Chelsea!


Prague’s version of a pre match pie


About 45 mins before kick off



Fans still coming in


Prague Castle in the distance





Half way through the first half their fans suddenly displayed this mosaic

After the game we were kept behind so the home fans could disperse. John Terry was warming up (or down, he didn’t play so this may have been for fitness? Who knows what’s going on with him considering Rafa doesn’t like playing him) and interacted with the fans a little. Most fans were having a sing song by the exit but there were about a dozen of us still in the seats. I shouted out from the top tier, asking if he’s playing on the following Sunday, an FA Cup replay against Brentford. He said he hopes so.

Then someone called out “John, can you tell the board to get rid of Rafa?”, which lead John to laugh and put his hands over his ears pretending he didn’t hear.
After his exercise he took off two tops and gave them to a couple of very lucky fans. One of them, owner of the CFCUK (@onlyapound) Chelsea fanzine, I was pleased to see managed to get his shirt with name on the back.

When JT went inside we made run way to the stairs with the others as the time to be let rut edged closer. There were more signing such as, but not limited to;
“Have your ever seen a bouncy on the stairs”
“Ivanovic, do do do do” (for ages!)
“Amsterdam Amsterdam we are coming”
(which I tried starting in the MHL the following Sunday but was the only one that knew it!)

Gourlay would’ve been screwing
Before it was time go leave Prague, I had to fulfil me promise I’d made the day before game. This Slovakian born Chelsea fan that was working in a bar there offered to buy my Chelsea European Champions scarf for £40/£50. Obviously that’s ridiculous and I knew some might take him for the ride, so I promised to come back after the game (I still needed it as didn’t have another one) and give it to him, in exchange for a couple of pints.


He loved it.

Full Amsterdam song:
Amsterdam Amsterdam we are coming,
Amsterdam Amsterdam I pray,
Amsterdam Amsterdam we are coming,
We are coming in the month of May!
Amsterdam Amsterdam we are coming,
Amsterdam Amsterdam I pray,
Amsterdam Amsterdam we are coming,
We are coming in the month of May!
[Repeat until only one singing]

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