Remember YOUR first ever game?

Who says girls don’t like football??

Sisters Megan (10) Hannah (10) & Ellie (9) attended their first ever top flight game at Stamford Bridge on Easter Monday, for the FA Cup quarter final replay against Manchester United. What a first game!


My first ever game, I seem to tell myself, was in the old Division 2 against Sheffield United in the mid to late 80s, sitting on the steps of a half empty Shed End in London’s once fasionable SW6.

Both Mum & Dad’s side of the family are huge and all support Chelsea, with the odd exception of glory hunting Liverpool fans that started supporting the reds in their heyday. Mum’s side was born and bought up in Chelsea, Ixworth Place, with The Gormley’s in Hammersmith & Ealing. I was therefore about 12 years old before I knew people actually had a choice who to support, but it was too late by then. Despite relegations and no proper silverware to brag about (the members cup at 5 years old or the Makita cup when I was 13 don’t really scream glory), I was hooked.

I’ve ensured that as my parents have passed Chelsea down to me and I was lucky enough to be taken to all the games, that when the time came I’d certainly do the same with my kids. So finally, for the FAC 6th Round Replay vs United I got to take my twins & my step daughter to their first game. I’ve never been so proud at a game before, remembering Dad clipping me round the ear to stop watching the crowd and concentrate on the game and now me being the adult making sure they’re enjoying it (minus the clip round the ear!).

Obviously their first time would be a million miles away from mine, not least because we are European Champions and they’ve been born into success, I was born into ‘Save the Bridge’ campaigns and a portacabin for a club shop. ‘The Good ‘Ol Days’ eh!

With this in mind I attempted to find ways to make it extra special for them, and with the help of two amazing Chelsea fans (Andy & Jane -THANK YOU!!) we were able to get the girls a mention over the tannoy at half time, welcoming them to their first game. They loved it!!
As for the game itself they paid attention more than I used to at their age, and I already knew they’d know the songs!

We’d prepped them to stay with us all the time, not to listen to the swearing & wrapped them up nice and warm. So, here’s how they saw one of the most memorable days in their footballing lives.

Have you always supported Chelsea?
MEGAN Yes I have always supported Chelsea because my Dad supports Chelsea, as did his Dad before him and my Nan was born there. We have a big Chelsea family!
HANNAH I have always supported Chelsea because my Dad does and they’re a really good football team.
ELLIE Yes because my Dad does.

Who’s your favourite EVER player?
HANNAH I like Frank Lampard. He is great at Football and will soon be our highest ever goal scorer.
ELLIE Didier Drogba because he scored the winning goal in the Champions League!
MEGAN David Luiz because I want curly hair too!


Frank Lampard receiving a gift from Kerry Dixon for reaching his 200th Chelsea goal

And your current favourite player?
ELLIE Probably David Luiz because I want curly hair too!
MEGAN Petr Cech
HANNAH My favourite player in CFC is David Luiz because he is good at scoring goals and he has curly hair!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to a Chelsea game for the first time?
MEGAN Amazed. I was really excited and couldn’t wait.
HANNAH I felt so excited when I found out that I was going to the match because it was my first ever game to watch at Stamford Bridge. I told all of my friends and family.
ELLIE Gobsmacked and speechless.

You have been to the Bridge loads before the match day, what did you think of the ground before hand?
HANNAH I thought that the ground at Stamford Bridge were really good because there were lots of pictures of the players and the CFC badge. The pitch was much bigger than I thought it would be!
ELLIE When I went on the stadium tour I thought it was quite impressive because there were lots of different levels inside the stands with secret bars.
MEGAN I remember it being bigger empty when we were on the tour. Somehow it seemed smaller with people there, perhaps because of where we were sitting.

And what did you think of the ground when it’s full of fans singing?
ELLIE Even more impressive and it seemed MASSIVE compared to when it’s empty.
MEGAN It was unbelievable watching thousands of people singing the same thing at the same time and it was brilliant to be a part of it.
HANNAH There were some huge crowds of people, luckily we got there early so we weren’t in any of the crowds! I thought the atmosphere was amazing when all of the Chelsea supporters were singing. I even knew more songs than some of the fans! It was very loud and I tried to join in with the songs that I knew.

What was it like strolling down the Fulham Road on a match day for the first time?
MEGAN Cool because there is a song about strolling down the Fulham Road.
HANNAH It felt amazing strolling down the Fulham Road before the match, It felt like I was a part of it. There were lots and lots of people on the road; waiting for the match to start.
ELLIE We were told it would be really really packed and even though we got there early, it still seemed packed to me because it was my first time and I didn’t know when it would be like.


The Only Other Place To Be….the newest cfcuk readers

Was the day anything like you expected it to be?
HANNAH The day wasn’t how I expected it to be because I didn’t know that there was this much singing during the match and I thought that there would be less crowds! I thought that half time would be a bit shorter.
ELLIE No because I didn’t expect there be to that many people or it to be that loud!
MEGAN Not really because there was much more people than I expected and you could actually see the players faces.

What surprised you?
ELLIE I thought I would be able to see everything [we were at the back row of the Matthew Harding Lower so could only see the pitch, not the rest of the ground from our seats], but that didnt spoil the day, it was still the best day of my life!
MEGAN How many people knew all the songs.
HANNAH I was surprised about how many people there were at the match. Also, I was surprised when our names were read out at half time to say that it was our first game, that was good.



Our view from the back of the MHL

What was your favourite part of the day?
MEGAN Singing all the songs and going on the train to get to Stamford Bridge.
HANNAH My favourite part of the day was watching the winning goal being scored and seeing all of the fans and supporters singing and waving their hands around when the goal was scored.
ELLIE The train ride and Chelsea scoring. Also our names being read out at half time and watching the players train before the game, we went to stand right at the front next to the pitch!


Katie, Megan, Hannah & Ellie. Waiting for the train to Waterloo

What was your favourite song?
HANNAH. I’m not sure what my favourite song was, I enjoyed singing all of them!
ELLIE IVANOVIC! Or Sheepy sheep Sheepy Sheepy sheep! [Ellie made this up and sang it when the Chelsea fans sang ‘Demba Demba Demba Ba’].
MEGAN The David Luiz and Ivanovic songs.

What would you have changed about the day/ ground/ Chelsea?
ELLIE Chelsea to have scored more goals!
MEGAN I would have changed the score. 1.0 to 10:0
HANNAH I would’ve changed the amount of time that the match was and made it longer! And also, less swearing during the Chelsea game!

Who do you think played best?
MEGAN Demba Ba because he scored the only goal.
HANNAH I think Demba Ba played best that day because he scored our winning goal in the match.
ELLIE Demba Ba because he scored the winner!

Will Chelsea go on to win the Cup?
ELLIE YES! Because they’re the best team in the world!
MEGAN I think so!!

Do you want to go to more games?
ELLIE Yes! Definitely because it was really really fun!
HANNAH Yes Yes Yes! I would love to go to another game; now I know what it’s like at a match.

Thanks very much for your time ladies. Keep the Blue Flag Flying High.


One response to “Remember YOUR first ever game?

  1. To clarify, my Dads eldest brother John supported Liverpool from the 60/70s and his two kids, Ian & Jennifer, quite rightly followed in the same footsteps as their Dad, just without seeing them win titles.
    On my Mum’s side, the only non Chelsea is also a John, my cousin who started supporting them in the 80s.

    One thing for sure is my old man & uncle John (2 of 5 brothers) will be arguing about football as you read this, somewhere up in football heaven with other legends we’ve all lost along the way.

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