Not a bad weekend last May…

I was working on Thursday 17th May 2012 and finished my shift at 22:30 until 19:30, when I got a phone call from my mate saying he had a spare for the final!!


Jason Stagg

I didn’t believe him as many people wouldn’t, until I got home from work and he was waiting outside my house with THE ticket and all relevant info I needed for the trip. He told me we had to drive to the other side of the M25 to another mates house & leave their for Munich at 04:30.

We made the 06:00 ferry from Dover to Calais and eventually arrived in Munich at 1900. We put our bags in the rooms and went straight out to get dinner and a few drinks. On the Saturday it was all about the game, we went to Marin Plaza and walk all around town getting the atmosphere.


On the Sunday it was home time, left at 10ish in the morning and thought we would stop to grab something to eat so we packed the car and set off till we found a KFC along the motorway, stopping about 10:30 and sat out in the sun with 28 degree heat for 3 hours that absolutley flew by…just thinking about the fact we had just became EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS




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