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2012/2013 – An Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe…. Ponder this, if you will……
By @marcdray

May 19th 2012
Allianz Arena, Munich

Chelsea win a corner in the dying moments of the 2012 Champions League Final. Juan Mata steps up and curls an inswinger. Drogba is pulled to the ground and Neuer claims the ball comfortably, the ref waves play on. The players look defeated, the fans have given up. In his frustration Didier Drogba 2 foot tackles Lahm in a desperate attempt to win the ball back. He’s red carded.

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Ode to Rafa

Everyone knows scousers love their poems. From the Beatles to the fella on ‘Being Liverpool’. We also know how much the red side of the Mersey love Rafa, who is currently the interim incumbent of a role he said he’d never take, whilst the longtime fans at the Bridge are counting down the days.


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One of the problems I’ve always had with teams or clubs getting fans to pick their all time best XI is that its biased to those who were playing when you watch the team. For instance, there’s no way Malouda would’ve got so high in Chelsea’s all time XI and Hilsden or greeves or Venables so low if the voters had an average age of 60 and not 16, or if the majority of them were match going fans rather than the new Internet generation of supporters.

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