Ode to Rafa

Everyone knows scousers love their poems. From the Beatles to the fella on ‘Being Liverpool’. We also know how much the red side of the Mersey love Rafa, who is currently the interim incumbent of a role he said he’d never take, whilst the longtime fans at the Bridge are counting down the days.


Chelsea and Liverpool have rarely, if EVER (nationwide collective grief at the time/ early anniversaries over 96 aside) seen eye to eye or exactly rooted for each other. And for a time during the naughties they played each other in cup comps a frankly ridiculous amount of times, often specifically in the Champions League which made each game that much more important. At the time Chelsea generally got the better of their northern counter parts and throughout this decade finished higher in the league and won it a few times too, something the reds haven’t managed in the Premier League era, but the reds did go on the win the elusive (for the West Londoners anyway) big ears.

Then more recently Liverpool seem to have been kicked when they’re down with United over taking their league title tally & Chelsea beating them at (Chelsea’s second home) Wembley to lift the 2012 FA Cup, before the blues went on to win their own big ears. Liverpool spent another season out of Europe and rebuilding.


Then came Rafa. Not only to take the job he never wanted at the club he slated and where fans hating him, but to replace a bona fide Chelsea legend. Yes Chelsea fans wanted to succeed, yes Rafa has got them back to the top four, but they were in a better position when he came than when he’ll leave. Chelsea fans will support the team as they have all season and celebrate success. But any potential silverware will be tainted and over time the manager will be forgotten but never forgiven. But this was never about football reasons. Ever since he was announced, Chelsea fans have counted down the days.

19th May 2013 would now not only be the anniversary of them being London’s first EVER European Cup winners, but also Rafa’s leaving party.

And out of the blue we now have a Red waxing lyrical about his teams most recent managerial legend, something he’ll never be in SW6, but from what he sees as being the Chelsea point of view.

Get Lost Rafa! Get out of our club
We don’t like you and you don’t like us
What time is the next bus?
We hold you in disgust

In you we despise, we want to gouge out your eyes
We hate you with a passion
And goatee beards have gone out of fashion!
And good managers are not on ration

Jose, the special one, we love a million miles of you above
You had a go at us years before
Can’t believe our board opened the door

We love Lampard, and John Terry as well
Your time is up your out, hear the bell
There’s no way your getting up, even if we win the cup

We only care about Chelsea FC
Can’t wait till your out of contract and free
And anyway, you’re just not my cup of tea

I won’t hold you in any light
It’s just in Chelsea I delight
Oh I hate you more as I go on
Just hurts that you’re here
When you go, we’ll rejoice, no fear

Some won’t but I will cheer
Get lost, get back to your old dear
on Merseyside, or for you Merseysnide

Anyway I think I’ll wrap up now
Let it be cos it’s coming to an end
and actually it drove me round the bend
Better things to apprehend
Like a boss for who we do give a toss

Not leaving on a happy note
Can’t wait for the end, Oh I’ll gloat!
Next season when it does unfold
And it all begins new and fresh
There’s a manager that I really like​
I will smile when I look back the day you Rafa, were on your bike

By @Woodray

Why I hate Rafa but Love Roman
Awaiting Rafa to Fuck Off

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