Has Charlie Austin won QPR 6 games yet?

Following this tweet by Rodney Marsh, we’ve decided to hold him to his prediction.


For league games only (as Rodney has specified ’18 points’) we are detailing all of his games this season and where the magic number 6 may occur.

All the best Austin!!

Total points won so far : 24 HE’S DONE IT!!!
Total league games won so far: 8


August 2013
Sat 3rd Sheff Wed (H) won 2.1 Johnson winner
Sat 10th Huddersfield (A) Drew 1-1
Sat 17th Ipswich (H) won 1.0 Hitchcock winner
Sat 24th Bolton (A) won 1.0 Johnson winner (his 2nd game winning goal)
Sat 31st Leeds (A) won 1.0 Hill winner

September 2013
Sat 14th Birmingham (H) WON 1.0 AUSTIN WINNER!
Wed 18th Brighton (H) drew 0.0
Sat 21st Yeovil (A) WON 1.0 AUSTIN WINNER!
Sat 28th Middlesbrough (H) won 2.0 Barton winner, Austin got the 2nd

October 2013
Sat 5th Barnsley (H) WON 2.0 AUSTIN DOUBLE!
Sat 19th Millwall (A) Drew 2.2 Austin got the 2nd which looked like a winner
Sat 26th Burnley (A) Lost 2.0
Wed 30th Wigan (A) drew 0.0

November 2013
Sat 2nd Derby (H) won 2.1 Hill Winner
Sat 9th Reading (A) Drew 1.1 Barton equaliser
Sat 23rd Charlton (H) WON 1.0 AUSTIN WINNER!
Sat 30th Doncaster (A) Lost 2.1 Austin made it 1.0

December 2013
Tues 3rd Bournemouth (H) Won 3.0 AUSTIN got the 1st so we can credit it as the winner!!
Sat 7th Blackburn (H) Drew 0.0
Sat 14th Blackpool (A) Won 2.0 Phillips winner, Austin 2nd
Sat 21st Leicester (H) Lost 1.0
Thur 26th Nottm Forest (A) Lost 2.0
Sun 29th Watford (A) Drew 0.0

January 2014
Wed 1st Doncaster (H) WON 2.1 AUSTIN WINNER!! HE’S DONE IT!!! 6 league games won!
Sat 11th Ipswich (A) Won 3.1 O’Neil winner
Sat 18th Huddersfield (H) Won 2.1 AUSTIN BRACE
Tues 28th Bolton (H) Won 2.1 Austin scored, Henry Winner

February 2014
Sat 1st Burnley (H) Drew 3.3 No Austin goal
Mon 10th Derby (A) Lost 1.0
Sun 16th Reading (H) Lost 3.1
Sat 22nd Charlton (A) Lost 1.0

March 2014
Sat 1st Leeds (H) Drew 1.1
Sat 8th Birmingham (A) Won 2.0 Morrison brace
Tues 11th Brighton (A) Lost 2.0
Sat 15th Yeovil (H) won 3.0 no Austin goal
Tues 18th Sheffield Wednesday (A) Lost 3.0
Sat 22nd Middlesbrough (A) Won 3.1 no Austin goal
Tues 25th Wigan (H) Won 1.0 Benayoun
Sat 29th Blackpool (H) Drew 1.1 no Austin goal

April 2014
Sat 5th Bournemouth (A) Lost 2.1
Tues 8th Blackburn (A) Lost 2.0
Sat 12th Nottingham Forest (H) Won 5.2 no Austin goal
Sat 19th Leicester (A) Lost 1.0
Mon 21st Watford (H) WON 2.1 AUSTIN 90th MIN!
Sat 26th Millwall (H) Drew 1.1 Austin (P)

May 2014
Sat 3rd Barnsley (A) Won 3.2 Austin got the first, not the winner.

But how many points SHOULD it be? If Charlie gets the winner in any game he’s got Rangers 3 points. But they would’ve been on a point already for the draw, meaning he only gains them 2 points per winner, so we think to get 18 points Charlie has to score 9 winners.

So, Points won so far: 16


One response to “Has Charlie Austin won QPR 6 games yet?

  1. Martin Desmond

    As long as they stay in the Championship where they belong who carers really..

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