Thank You Juan

So it’s the end of the world as we know it, if you believe many of the player fan pages on twitter. Chelsea have sold a player the fans love and to a rival no less, one that wouldn’t sell they’re top player to us, what must Jose be thinking! How can we go on?


Not the first or last time
First of all, it’s not the end of the world. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time we sell a player that the fans want to keep.

Over the past few decades we’ve sold plenty, albeit for more clear cut reasons such as debt or manager rows. I’ve compiled a list at the bottom of this article of fans and ex players views on those that left prematurely.
Also, we support the club, not individual players. Yes we can be upset and voice our opinion, but before we rip up our bed sheets before the next home game, let’s try to see all angles of the situation. We’re not Liverpool or Arsenal fans remember, burning their shirt at the first chance they get.

World class player, but still 1 player
We’re losing a world class player that doesn’t fit in to Jose’s plans. That’s the general just and bottom line. Yes I’d love Jose to have been able to fit Juan into the starting XI but he hasn’t. I’m not picking Jose over Juan, I’m trying to be rational and picking Chelsea over one player, and a Chelsea that is doing better in the league this season than we have since Mata arrived. That’s inescapable, we love Mata and we know his gifts, but the team comes first. Mata has been the outstanding player over the past two seasons and we rightly love him. He’s scored important goals and contributed to the team throughout, culminating in the Munich and Amsterdam corners that proved so important. He’s a ‘legend’ after just two seasons and will, in my mind, always be welcomed back to the Bridge. The club moves on. But remember, we don’t have to forget and reminisce do we! He also looks better in blue.


Thrived in London and he loved us
We also lose an absolute ‘chap’.

He fitted into the London culture like a glove and seemed to thrive. The perfect professional, all we heard about off the pitch was his trips to portobello market and exploring the history of our great city. He felt like he was at home and I’ve no doubt that he’ll accept the move with a heavy heart. I sincerely believe every time his kissed our badge he meant it. It has been a pleasure to have this gent at our club and especially over the last few seasons, good to have a genuine good model that also had such class and obvious skill and impact. He seemed to have the lot. How he’ll deal with the new culture in Manchester is to be seen, remember he’s not English so he’ll see it as a new experience and not in the same way we’d view a move up north. From a personal point of view I hope he settles, and I wish him well, just not trophy wise.

So now I’ve come to accept the enevitable, here’s the views I’ve seen crop up on twitter over the past 24 hours, and my view of them.

Bad points
– They didn’t sell us Rooney so why help them? Because they’re paying what we think is reasonable and we mustn’t think they’re a danger. They need Rooney and plenty of what happened would’ve been him (or his agent) using us for negotiating purposes only. This isn’t a reason to be petty and not sell to them.
– Seeing him in their shirt. Seeing him celebrate their goals. That for me will the the most painful part and haven’t had to go through it for years. With JFH he apologised scoring against us and played for non rivals. With Drogba he was abroad. You’ll have to go back to Dorigo and juke box for this type of feeling. Many of our social media fans are experiencing this for the first time.
– If you’re on twitter, you have to put up with the morons.
– Cover for injuries and different tactical play aren’t reasons because we’ve got plenty in our squad. These reasons are clutching at straws, and lead to the worst point of all…
– We’ll miss him around our club. He’s a great role model and one of our own.


Good points
– Respect shown for Mata hasn’t been mentioned nearly enough in the press. It’s good to know our club can be seen in a good light.
– Yes he might actually help take points off City and Arsenal. That will help us this season and I still don’t think they’ll catch us. The issue on this point is that I expect them to be contenders again next season. Also I’d prefer united in the champions league over Liverpool and Tottenham. Them dropping to 4th is funny enough for now.
– Inter lost Ibrahimovic and won the treble. I’m not saying we’re better off without him, but I don’t think we’re worse off (on the pitch) either.
– We’re getting good (not incredible, but good) money for him and that’ll bound to go on a striker.
– The midfield is less congested, but without taking a key component from the current starting XI

Here’s my list of why I think we sold him. Obviously it’s speculation and I doubt we’ll ever know the exact truth, but I believe a part of each of these were involved in the decision making process, for both sides.
In no particular order:
– Respect to Mata. Not enough has been mentioned in the press about the respect Jose has for mata. In every press conference he’s made it clear he knows his good points and has tried to explain gently how sometimes it just doesn’t fit in some tactics. My view is that Jose would’ve been honest with Juan from the start and I’d bet my house there is no bad blood between them. This move certainly has a touch of ‘Jose allows Juan to leave for his own career benefit’. Remember what happened to Malouda?
– United are a big club. Some say his heads’ gone wanting to go there. These people have short memories, hate them or not they’ve been the dominant force since 1992. He’ll thrive there behind two strikers that suit him more than ours have ever done (possible exception of Drogba heading ability when in Germany). Don’t write United off. This season playing wise it could be seen as a step down, with the possibility of not playing in Europe next season a massive possibility but club wise it’s not a step down? I hate to say it but United are still Man United.
– That said, United most desperate now so more willing to meet our valuation. We’re not the best negotiators in the transfer market and I’d love to have got much more than the reported £37m. But the truth is that this transfer window IS a good time to sell a player we’re not using. United are in crisis on the pitch (for their standards) and needed to start damage limitation. This leads to paying the money they need to for a player they know is worth it. If we waiting until the summer it could easily have turned nasty and dragged out.
– Sitting on our bench isn’t going to help his chances of making the Spain World Cup squad. This move will have him playing most weeks (although is cup tied for champions league, where they should have at least 4 more games) and in a role that will be similar enough to where he’d play for Spain. Never under estimate players wanting to play at a World Cup.
– Like it or not the business side of football is very important and this will be seen as a great deal for the board. Taking emotion and knowledge of football out of it, this profit over 2.5 years is incredible, if this was Arsenal they’d be celebrating like we did in Munich.
however I don’t care about this so won’t elaborate any more, but had to include it.
– We need a prolific striker. There’s plenty of talk about who it’ll be, but they need to come soon. I don’t want to suggest we have to buy this january, but I think the summer is the latest we should wait.
– The aforementioned slim chance he’ll take points of City and Arsenal. This is a big reason for loaning Lukaku to Everton, to take points off our rivals. We’ve already played united twice so I can see why this has been bought up as a reason. Personally I don’t think its a good enough reason to sell, loan maybe but not sell. I’d say this is a PR reason.
– Something had to give in attacking midfield position. [published before the new Salah signing, who I know nothing about] We’ve got so many players vying for these positions we knew we had to have a clear out. Now Mata & De Bruyne have left we should get to the ‘2 class players per position’ that Jose made his mantra in 2005.
– If Hazard and Oscar get injured Jose still probably would’ve played others ahead of Juan. therefore injuries isn’t a reason to keep someone, which takes us back to respect for a great servant.
– Hate to mention it but FFP is in play. buying a striker of the calibre we need will cost money, so it makes sense to sell the best players that don’t fit in with Jose’s plans. This could lead to the likes of Essien and Ba also moving on.

It hurts but that’ll fade. He’s not gone to Tottenham. Deep breath and stick with what you keep saying – support the team and not one player. Wish him luck (not too much trophy wise!) and let him know he’ll get a warm welcome next time at the Bridge. Read Canners’ book and you’ll know how past players feel about coming back to visit the club (although Canners was nervous for different reasons). He loves Chelsea and always will, what ever he does up North won’t ever change that.


Even called it “Our” stadium

Talk to Butch, Ruud or Kerry. They went North but never changed their feeling for our club, individuals that sold them perhaps but not the club or its fans.

All the best Juan and thanks for Munich.

Quick pole of who people missed most. They were asked “@PaterAmore: who did you miss most when they left / were sold by Chelsea?”

Players & selected Celebs
@Kingcanners: @PaterAmore Pat,Joey,Micky T & the Chelsea youth players….very talented lads….good days!!
@davejlee69: @PaterAmore Graham Stuart he was me mucker
@RickGlanvill: @PaterAmore Ossie, Ray Wilkins
@graylisation: @PaterAmore “Zola”
@onlyapound: @PaterAmore @ChelseaFanCast Joe Cole – a Chelsea supporter and a top guy
@ChelseaFanCast: @onlyapound @PaterAmore hard to disagree mate – loved Joe Cole for the same reasons. Was my favourite player at the time
@ChelseaFanCast: @PaterAmore @onlyapound definitely @PatNevin – still upsets me thinking about it now!!!
@ChelseaKelv: @PaterAmore Wee Pat.
@DJTrevorNelson: @PaterAmore Personally Hernan Crespo
@WillDalton01: @PaterAmore Zola……that was a tough time
@ckpthamayor: “@PaterAmore: hasselbaink crespo
@1RobBeasley: @PaterAmore Osgood!

Fans choices of players they were sad to see leave (57 responses)
10 Zola
8 Robben
3 Joe Cole, Wise
2 Cudicini, Osgood, Wilkins, Makalele
1 Ballack, Hoddle, Cooke, Dixon, Greaves, Petrescu, Flo, JFH, Crespo, Pates, Brabrook, Fillery, Alex, Babayaro, Cundy, Hudson, LeBoeuf, Durie, Gallas, Carvalho, Tiago, Nevin, Kjeldbjerg, Gudjohnson & Jose himself.


Juan with JT showing off their favourite site


2 responses to “Thank You Juan

  1. Watching him every week is gonna be absolute hell. Jose is a knob

  2. Great article share 99% of it

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