Loyalty Scheme Shambles

Ticket prices around Premier League grounds is the one issue all fans are united on. Even safe standing is slightly more divided.

We pay too much and everyone knows it.

The clubs try to help in ways of attempting to ensure the loyal fans are those that at least get the tickets, but even loyalty schemes leave much to be desired. We understand ticket pricing, to a degree, and there’s much clubs can learn from Germany. So let’s at least do more to get loyal fans in, those that were there when we weren’t winning all the trophies under the sun and that will be there still should we start to decline.

Something has to be done. Lewis here at least raises some issues with Chelsea and we hope his, and countless others that are making their feelings heard through the ‘correct and proper channels’ (as the clubs would say, seeing that they don’t want walk outs, public banners or no shows!).

This is Lewis’ email to Chelsea FC.

A local derby, for the third time this year not being sold on loyalty points whilst Galatsaray away – a game in which there is no conceivable way we would sell the allocation- was. Home champions league games in the group stage being sold with a reward of five loyalty points whilst a tuesday night trip to Sunderland on a cold November night the week after travelling to a sub zero Basel is rewarded with a measely 3. LP’s need to be stopped being used as a ticket selling tool for your financial juggernaught and start being used as a reward for loyal fans- it is blidingly obvious for all to see yet the club is so negligent , and stubborn it is laughable.

Once again an example of how shockingly out of touch the club is with match going fans- a problem brought up by CST and other organisations yet STILL neglected. And for what reason? What is the one conceivable reason as to why selling Crystal Palace away on loyalty points is such a hard decision to make? Are you really so bad at your jobs? The club needs to get it’s act together or else Jose will never get his desired home atmosphere as the disillusioned and out of touch loyal fans mass exodus away from match going continues.

Where do I begin with other issues? Why the stuborness on recipricol away deals? A small amount of extra income for the christmas party for you is it? Rather than rewarding thousands of loyal Chelsea fans traipsing across Europe for the last twenty years? Safe standing? Why will the club not back this issue, I can’t see a reason? The support of other major clubs is given yet Chelsea, once one of the greatest atmospheres in British football point blank refuses to help any attempts to improve atmosphere even when their beloved manager voices their concerns?

Is their a reason? Are you just plain stupid? Or is there a hidden agenda? Do you want the Ioyal fans out to be replaced by a sea of replica shirts and well behaved foam finger wavers? Do they give you more money? Is this what has become of football – THE game for the working classes?

I trust the club will now begin to open dialogue with fan groups and individuals in this matter before it is too late. The neglected fans have had enough. Your well oiled financial machine is nothing without us and if these problems aren’t addressed the repurcussions will be greater than you can ever imagine. Sadly I think this is a downward spiral staring into the abyss- your business trajectory may look good with your current model but my oh my when the penny drops and Stamford Bridge become a library, and Mr Mourinho bemoans the teams home performances, when all the passion, loyalty and soul has been sucked from this great club- then where will you turn when it is too late?


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