Lampard Statement.

Confirming the news, Lampard said:

“When I arrived at this fantastic club 13 years ago I would never have believed that I would be fortunate enough to play so many games and enjoy sharing in so much success.

This club has become part of my life and I have so many people to thank for the opportunity. Firstly, Ken Bates, who put his neck on the line to sign me as a young player and without him I would not have even begun this experience.

Roman Abramovich, the man who saved our club and took us all to new levels. His desire to push the club to the top of the football world has rubbed off on everyone.

All the managers and coaches who have helped me develop my game during the time I have been here. I have learnt from every one of them.

All the brilliant team-mates who I have been lucky enough to train and play alongside for so long. Not just their football qualities but also the friendships I have gained along the way.


I’d also like to give a special mention to all the staff and people behind the scenes at the club who do not receive the glory but without them the club would simply not function.

The club will move forward, and as a Chelsea man I have no doubt that with the quality of the players that are there, they will continue with the success that we have all enjoyed over the past seasons.

Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank the Chelsea fans. I believe they are the greatest fans in world football. You have supported me from the moment I arrived. Not only on the pitch, but in difficult moments in my personal life off the pitch. I will never forget.


Chelsea’s greatest number 8

I feel honoured to have shared so many special times with you. Bolton, Amsterdam, Munich, the list goes on and on. I, and we as a team, could not have achieved those moments without your support.

Whatever the next challenge is for me I will always be amongst you and have Chelsea in my home and in my heart. Hopefully I will get to see you all soon to say goodbye properly. In the meantime thank you for the memories and keep making history!”

Frank Lampard – Legend.

Daily Mirror article.

Here’s some of the comments on the BBC site

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Alex from Surrey on text: Lampard graced English football with complete class and professionalism at all times. One of the greatest midfielders of his generation, thanks for all the memories Frank.

Ben from London: As a Chelsea supporter all my life a huge thank you to Frank for his service to Chelsea. Seen us through some amazing times and great achievements. A true winner, legend and professional in the game.

Where does Frank Lampard rank in the list of all-time Premier League midfielders? Where next for the England veteran? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on BBC Sport Facebook.

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Dan: Frank Lampard is in the top three midfielders ever to grace the PL. In the same company as Steven Gerrard and Patrick Vieira.

Luke Tagliarini: Lampard leaving Chelsea, well he has won everything, best midfielder of his generation in my opinion.

Sam Robson: Lampard is definitely in top three of English, Premier League midfielders with Scholes and Gerrard. That order is another debate!

Where does Frank Lampard rank in the list of all-time Premier League midfielders? Where next for the England veteran? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on BBC Sport Facebook.

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Glennyshock: From a Manchester United fan, thank you Frank Lampard for gracing the English game and the international game with class. You may have played for the wrong teams, but you were and still are class.

Lions Fan In The Great White North: Keep playing Frank, there’s lots more gas left in your tank.

Berbear: I’m not a Chelsea fan, but Frank Lampard is a good player and a great professional. Worked hard on his game and fitness.

· Posted at 10:38

Former England striker Gary Lineker: Frank Lampard has announced that he is to leave Chelsea. He has been a magnificent and loyal servant. Wish him well with future venture.

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Andrew on text: Frank Lampard will rightfully take his place amongst the very best PL midfielders of all-time. I’d put him in third place behind Giggs and Scholes because of the sheer amount of trophies they won during their careers, but I’d place Lampard ahead of Steven Gerrard, again due to what he’s won.

Kyle from Cambridge: Lampard was ok but looked better as he was surrounded by “world stars” also a high percentage of his goals came from penalties & deflections.

Where does Frank Lampard rank in the list of all-time Premier League midfielders? Where next for the England veteran? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on BBC Sport Facebook.

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Andrew Neill: If Frank wants another year in the Premier League maybe he should contact Man Utd. He’s better than any of their current options.

Taylor: Chelsea letting Frank Lampard go is a big mistake, he is top quality and should still be playing in the Premier League.

Ben Dunmore: On his day nobody better at those late bursting runs into the box than Lampard. Great goals record from midfield.

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Craigos: Frank Lampard’s goal record from central midfield won’t ever be matched.

Jonathan Flynn: Frank’s one of the best midfielders ever. I have respect for what he has achieved.

Dan_: One of the best midfielders in Premier League history, no one will get close to his scoring record from midfield.

Where does Frank Lampard rate on the list of all-time Premier League midfielders? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

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Sebastian Ferns: Frank Lampard’s next destination? New York City FC with a loan deal to Man City in the close season.

Jonny O’Brien: It’s the right time for Frank to leave. He’s going out a legend without struggling to justify his place in the team.

Kevin Edwards: Frank is needed back where it all started – West Ham United.

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Manchester City midfielder James Milner pays tribute to “outstanding” England team-mate Frank Lampard after the 35-year-old announces he is to leave Chelsea.

Milner says: “I would have thought there will be plenty of Premier League clubs after him next season. He is certainly not finished. He has been outstanding for club and country and never seems to have an off season. He is a top player, a top professional and the sort we need for the World Cup.”

· Posted at 08:30

Daily Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter on Twitter: Wonder whether Roy Hodgson will make MLS-bound Frank Lampard England captain for the night against Ecuador in Miami on Wednesday. Just a thought.

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Is there still a place in the Premier League for Frank Lampard? Will he follow the likes of Thierry Henry and David Villa to the United States? Where does he rank on the all-time list of Premier League midfielders?

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Back to the top story on the BBC Sport website and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has yet to decide if he will retire, but has had offers from 16 other clubs. But the England international, who turns 36 on 20 June, will not consider his future until after the World Cup in Brazil finishes. Lampard says: “This club has become part of my life.”

· Posted at 08:00

So, Frank Lampard is leaving Chelsea after three Premier League titles, four FA Cups and one Champions League. Where next for the 35-year-old, who says he has received offers from 16 clubs? And where does he rate on the all-time list of influential Premier League midfielders?




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