About us

SweetFA was set up by two devout football fans in the South East of England, Darren & Ethan. After providing some preview and review articles for another great football website, they realised they wanted to go in their own direction and founded SweetFA.

The aim of the site is to provide the football fan, from anywhere in the footballing world, the platform to air their views, jokes and experiences to the rest of the globe. This will provide  invaluable local knowledge for new fans, away fans and even ‘Johnny Come Lately’s’, giving everyone somewhere to compare their experiences with others, and those unable to make games in the flesh the chance to hear get a feel for what it’s like.

Please note that all views and opinions expressed on this site are absolutely not that of the website owners. We are likely to pull a Wenger and deny seeing the incident. We may even decide to agree! 


Born in London, based in Bracknell. Spent first decade of his life mainly in Division 2 and thought that when you were born you were automatically stuck with two things; surname & the football team you support. Has followed same team from Division 2 right to the top; home, away and abroad.


Younger step brother. The ‘whizkid’. Born in London, based in Cambridge (not a student!). Has also supported one team for life primarily due to it being ‘in the blood’. Attends every game that time and money allows; also, due to mistaken identity, has signed autographs as current Chelsea Manager (correct at time of writing) Roberto Di Matteo once or twice.